Two women engaged in a conversation and participating in individual transformational coaching session
A professional woman in a business suit engaged in conversation with a man
A woman conversing with another woman in an office setting
Professional giving a Transformational Coaching presentation
A man and a woman sitting at a table with a laptop, working together and engaging in individual transformational coaching
Man attentively taking notes about transformational coaching from a professional woman during an office discussion
transformational coaching

transformational coaching

Sunlit Strategies empowers individuals to embrace leadership and leave a lasting legacy while advancing their ambitions through transformational coaching.

Coaching is provided through an approach that is empathetic, participatory, goal-oriented, and aimed at maximizing individual impact. This way, we work with individuals to ‘cultivate the self’.

Sunlit Strategies offers one-on-one and cohort coaching that focuses on both the personal and professional realms in line with the themes of leadership, management, communication, and identity exploration.

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