sunlit strategies coaching: your partner in growth

Sunlit Strategies Coaching: Your Partner in Growth

Sunlit Strategies is a leading provider of transformational coaching services that empower individuals to take charge of their lives, cultivate a strong sense of self, and achieve lasting personal and professional growth. Our expert coaches utilize an empathetic, participatory, and goal-oriented approach to guide clients in embracing change, building confidence, and overcoming self-doubt. 

Our coaching model, consists of 1:1 and cohort coaching, covering critical areas such as leadership, management, communication, and identity exploration, all aimed at helping clients discover their potential.


  1. Self-Cultivation: Enable individuals to explore, improve, and advance their personal and professional lives by cultivating a strong sense of self-awareness and purpose.

  2. Empowerment: Equip individuals with the skills and mindset to lead confidently, navigate change, and conquer internal doubts.

  3. Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence: Enhance individuals' emotional intelligence and self-awareness, enabling them to foster bold relationships with themselves and others while sustaining personal growth.


  1. Discovery Session (Optional): Clients engage in an initial discovery session with one of our coaching program experts. During this session, clients discuss their coaching objectives to understand their needs and compatibility with our coaches, as well as, ask any questions they may have about our coaching services. 

  2. Intake Process: Clients begin by completing a comprehensive intake form that gathers essential information about their interests, challenges, and aspirations. This information helps our coaches create a customized coaching plan.

  3. Coach Matching: Our team matches each client with a coach who specializes in their chosen area of focus and resonates with their objectives. Sunlit Strategies’ intake process focuses on understanding our clients aspirations, as well as their personal compatibility with a coach. We take into account your communication style, values, and preferences.

  4. Coaching Sessions: Clients engage in a series of coaching sessions with their matched coach.  

  5. Ongoing Support: Even after the coaching program concludes, clients have access to resources, tools, and other services to maintain and continue their personal and professional development journey.

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